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8 hugs a day

I watch these videos online and they are called TED videos. It stands for technology education and design. They are really good. They are based on a conference that is explained once a year in Monterrey. And some of the brightest minds come to speak. This TED video was Paul Zak talking about the hormone oxytocin. And he called it the trust hormone. He also referred to it as the morality hormone. And he was making the point that flooding a human with oxytocin results in a human making more trustworthy decisions or exhibiting more trustworthy behavior.

I think it was a little off the mark. I think that oxytocin is the empathy hormone. The hormone that releases love or that engages us with other human beings. But anyway be that as it may he was just talking about oxytocin flooding through the body. And one of the easiest ways to get oxytocin all over your body is hugs. He says eight hugs a day. He recommends eight hugs a day. And that will get you enough oxytocin to make you a happy person.

So that’s your job. That’s you assignment from me. Eight hugs a day. If you’re in a relationship oh my god eight hugs a day should not be a chore. It should be a minimum. It should be. You should be hitting twice that mark. If you’re not in a relationship, hug your mom, hug your kids, and hug your neighbor. Hug your coworkers, I don’t care.

The point is: hugs bring happiness. Other activities like dancing, making love, of course release oxytocin. Of course will lead to happiness. So think about those things. Because it’s the stuff that happiness is made of. And you have control over it. So remember eight hugs a day.

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