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Feed the fish

The question that I have for you today is have you fed your fish today? Okay this is what I mean, you remember when you were a child hopefully at some point your mom or your dad brought up to you the care and feeding of your pets. And regardless if it was a hamster or a pert snake or your fish, you had to remember to feed it. And you have to remember to clean up the poop. And you have to remember to clean the cage.

Let’s pretend that you have a pet today and that pet is the relationship. I’m not talking about your mate; I’m talking about the relationship. That is a pet that you have that is a pet that your partner has. You share responsibility for this one pet. The love. The relationship. And you need to take care of it. You need to take out the poop. You need to feed it. You need to clean out the place where it lives.

So today clean out the poop. Get rid of the conflict. Get rid of the disharmony. Feed the fish. This is to tell your partner you love them. Give a hug. Reinforce the bond that you have together. Feed the fish. And clean out the place where it lives. Look around you and does this inspire harmony? Is the place where you live a good, healthy place for your pet, the relationship?

You have a relationship, you need to care for it, you need to feed it and you need to take out the poop. So that’s my lesson for today. Feed the fish.

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