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Love needs fresh eyes

When you first meet somebody all their little peculiarities, they are endearing, they are very cute. They are just charming. Then over time these things wear on you. These things are things that you find difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

Well a really good approach would be to try to keep that freshness every day to the relationship in mind. And think of the tradeoffs you choose to make. And think of the fact that these are the endearing, charming little foibles that a person has. They are not things you need to put up with. These are just the wonderful little flaws in the fabric that make the painting so much more authentic.

Because trust me if you give up on this person and go out there in the world. What are you going to find? You’ll find a person who has another set of charming little foibles. So just keep that in mind. They were charming when you met them, they can be charming still. It’s just your viewpoint. So keep those fresh eyes from the early days with you always.

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