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To hell with the weaknesses

Every person has some noticeable weaknesses and every person has strengths too. Now every person has these and this is what I want you to think about today. Those people that have weaknesses that you really just can’t tolerate, people whose weaknesses you just don’t enjoy and can’t stand, you leave outside of your life – you do. You only bring people into your life – you only have people in your life whose weaknesses are not as important as their strengths.

You’ve conjured up these people in your life and you’ve kept them in your life because their strengths surpass by far their weaknesses. You like these people and you’re fond of these people and you want these people to stay in your life and yet the irony of it is once we have these people in our lives and in our retinue and circle of confidence, we spend most of our time berating them about their weaknesses, belittle them about their weaknesses, forcing a change and trying to get them to cop to their weaknesses and fix them. I say to you let’s not do this anymore, let’s try a completely different tack.

Be grateful for these people in your life, and just realize “I have this person in my life and they have a weakness, but it’s a weakness that I’m going to tolerate. It’s a weakness I’m going to embrace and it’s a weakness I’m going to overlook because this person is in my life. I want this person in my life and I have chosen that his or her strength is by far more important than his or her weakness. I’m going to celebrate his or her strength, and I’m going to celebrate their beauty and rejoice in the fact that this person’s is in my life and forget the weakness. I’m not even going to go see it.”

So this is my message for you today and you’ve brought these people in your life, cherish them, and to hell with the weaknesses. We know they’re there and they’re not going away so let it be.

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